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We are an indie software studio located at the heart of Europe. Tiny but capable as we're here to amaze.

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Drawcula: Scribble Puzzle Gam‪e
An innovative funny Puzzle game that allows you to just simply draw your solutions. Any concerns? Just draw it!
Countdown: Event Widgets
Wait for all your special moments in style. You decide what matters, we handle the rest. Birthdays, aniversaries, days till game of the year
Tiny Step
Help these adorable and mysterious creatures progress through a furry labyrinth and reach their respective portals.
Revoice: AI Voice Change‪r
Our AI will help you to have more fun while chatting with your friends transforming your voice.
Chat Hero: Story Maste‪r
The game is chat, where you choose what to write, is followed by one or two fun quick mini-games.
Foxy: String Art
«Foxy» - is an interactive way to create unique works of art. Enhancing your imagination and creativity.
Cheetah: Speed Tracke‪r
High precision and intuitive digital speed tracker which includes a distance meter, odometer and speedometer.
Decision Maker: Wheel Decides
The app is an awesome easy tool that will help you to make difficult choices when you need them most
The app for all those who want to SLIM without the Jojo effect by following simple principles without a haste